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Index Universal Life Insurance (“IUL”) is the fastest growing segment of the life insurance industry. Why? Because in addition to providing a tax-free death benefit, it is a powerful financial tool that can serve a multitude of needs for individuals, families, and small business owners.

First and foremost, it is a form of permanent life insurance. As such, it is the foundation of any financial plan because the tax-free death benefit can be used to replace lost income and reduce/eliminate debt due to the untimely death of an income earner. But IUL can also serve to meet a variety of other needs during the policy owner’s lifetime, including supplemental retirement income that can be accessed tax-free; the creation of a cash value account that can be accessed at any time and for any reason, a way to earn interest credits that capture stock market gains up to a limit, but none of the downside and powerful Living Benefits that can provide cash for terminal, critical and chronic illnesses.

IUL can be designed to provide a substantial amount of tax-free income in retirement,  to produce a high permanent death benefit, or a death benefit that will increase by the exact amount of cash value increases, or to maximize the level of Living Benefits, or to provide cash that can be used for higher education expenses, or a combination of all of the above.

To discover what an IUL policy can do for you, contact an Equis Retirement Solutions Specialist by emailing

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